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The Sling Swing is the most common accessory used on swing sets and although many look similar, there is a huge difference in quality between manufacturers. The Slings from Creative Playthings are made from a high grad polymer material that molds to the user for added comfort and maneuverability. Kids develop many skills while practicing on a sling not to mention improving on coordination and strength building.

  • High Grade Polymer Material
  • Includes Chain
  • Color : According to Customers choice
We are the Leading Manufacturer and supplier of all types of Coated Swing Chains used in Playgrounds, Gardens, Play Parks, Big swing chain, Small Swing Chain, which is coated so that it doesn't gets hurts to children as well as it doesn't creates problem during Rainy season as it is made of whole iron which is coated. we also supply Swing chain for Home Swings also and we are the leading manufacturer and supplier all over Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

Swing Chain Sets

We are the leading supplier and manufacturer all over Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. We are the leading manufacturer of zinc plated swing chain with plastisol coating in any colour manufacturing and suppliers Swinging Chain Set India.


Sling Swing with Chain

What is a swing set, playground or play-set without a sling swing with chain? These swings are a timeless classic and provide endless hours of play for your kids. The seat is made from a medium density polymer and contains molded-in inserts for strength, reliability and durability. Manufacturers and suppliers in Ahmedabad of Sling Swing With Chain.

Sling swing comes with coated chain for a 8 foot tall swing beam or board. The lower 30 inches of the chain is coated. Kids love these swings so be sure.